What Is The Best Method Of Tanning?

Tanning is a beauty procedure that makes dull pale skin look lively by putting in some color to it. Tanning is possible in three different ways

  • Sun tanning
  • Tanning beds
  • Self-tanning

Sun Tanning

You find a beautiful place where your skin can be exposed to the sun for an extended period allowing it to tan naturally. Well, naturally may be a good thing most of the time but not here as the sun’s rays have harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. But many people prefer this method as it is the cheapest possible way to achieve a tan.

While tanning outdoors, you need to use an outdoor tanning lotion or tanning oil. Using the best outdoor tanning oil gives you faster results.

Tanning Beds

You visit a saloon by applying tanning lotion to help your body be exposed to a controlled environment. This process is a little shorter than sun tanning as the controlled environment has a complete focus on you, unlike sun exposure. You get exposed to specific, less harmful rays that change your color. This was the middle ground where people choose to be a little safe yet little expensive to look tanned.


Applying an exclusive tanning product, and without any application of heat, it turns your body dark due to a natural reaction. You can apply best tanning lotions for legs right at your home and wake up with tan without being in the sun. This tan lasts a little less time than the above methods but is the safest method as it happens only to the dead skin layer that eventually peels off. The DHA causes the browning of skin and does not involve complex processes or irreversible issues.

Self-tanning has an extensive product range. They come in the forms of:

  • Lotions
  • Sprays
  • Creams

It can be done professionally or at home, and if you are planning only to tan your legs, there are different products for this purpose. As legs are not as sensitive as your face or hands, they can be tanned better using the self-tanning lotion for legs.

Safety Measures For Self-Tanning

Though it is considered safe, it needs some precautions without which it may not be safe.

  • Take care not to inhale the spray product
  • Should not apply it on the mucus membrane areas as the risk is not calculated
  • Lips, nose, area surrounding the eyes should be protected


The process is safe but requires little effort and not just as simple as finding the best outdoor tanning oil , smothering your self and lying down in the sun. A little preprocessing, though not exhaustive or anything strange from what you already do but is required to be done before self-tanning. It happens for two reasons

  • Helps the self-tanning product to adhere nicely
  • Eliminates the risk of doing these processes afterward which will cause the tan to fade

Shave, exfoliate, and be ready for the application of the product at least two days before the application. Do not apply any moisturizer or oils or any other cosmetics after you shower just before the procedure.


Cover the areas that tend to get darker such as knees and elbows with lotion. Also, cover the already discussed sensitive parts. Keep your palms covered throughout the entire process or wash them frequently in between to avoid discoloring of palms. Apply the self-tanning product thoroughly and wait for 10 minutes to dry before wearing clothes.

Wear loose clothing and avoid getting wet or sweating for 8 hours after application. When you give the required time for development, then your tan will last for a week. You may follow up with a tan enhancer for maintaining it for a longer time without significant fading.