Hand Dermatitis


The most frequent type of hand dermatitis we see in our office is Contact Dermatitis, either irritant or allergic.  The typical appearance for a contact dermatitis  looks like dryness, chapping and redness on the tops of the hands and between the fingers, but can also occur on the fingertips and the palms.

Who suffers from hand dermatitis?

Many professionals who wash their hands frequently or who handle certain chemicals may develop hand dermatitis, as do people exposed repeatedly to seemingly harmless products they are allergic to.

Diagnosis and treatment

Treatment always involves counseling and adopting a new hand care regimen for protecting your hands.  Our doctors will decide if patch testing is indicated to determine if you have any particular skin allergies.  Another mainstay of treatment is topical corticosteroid creams or ointments.  There are multiple preparations and strengths available by prescription.