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7 Nail Polish Designs Inspired by Pageant Queens

As a little girl, I loved watching pageants. The elaborate gowns, the dramatic makeup, and of course, the nails. I would watch in anticipation as the contestants' nails were revealed, wondering what design they would choose this time. Now that I'm a bit older (and a bit more skilled in the nail art department), I've decided to take my love of pageants and create 10 nail polish designs inspired by pageant queens.

Pageant Queen Inspired Nail Polish Designs

The Classic French Manicure

The Classic French Manicure

The Classic French Manicure is a timeless and elegant nail design that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. This style is achieved by painting the nails with a sheer nude polish, followed by a thin white stripe at the tips. The Classic French Manicure is a great choice for all occasions, from everyday wear to formal events.

Nude and Neutrals

Nude and Neutrals

Nude and neutral colors are the epitome of elegance and so they are preferred by pageant queens. This is the kind of color you can wear to any kind of event, from a formal dinner to a casual day at home. So what are you waiting for? You can buy OPI gel polish of your favorite neutral color and create this sophisticated look for your nails.


The Safest and the Best Skincare Tips During Pregnancy

Many expecting mothers are looking for the best skincare routine to follow during their pregnancy. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, there are a few general guidelines that can help you stay safe and healthy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Skincare tips during pregnancy

What to Avoid During Pregnancy

Some ingredients and products should be avoided during pregnancy, as they may be unsafe for both the mother and the baby. These include:

  • Retinoids
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Tretinoin
  • Chemicals in nail polish, remover, and hair dye
  • Herbal remedies

All these ingredients are commonly present in skincare products and can be absorbed through the skin, potentially causing birth defects. So, Make sure you avoid them.

Stick to Basic Skincare Routines

During pregnancy, it's best to stick to basic skincare routines. Avoid using anything that could potentially be absorbed through the skin, including topical medications, essential oils, and other harsh ingredients. Instead, focus on gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen. You can use a pregnancy safe face wash to cleanse your skin followed by a water-based moisturizer.


How Can Dark People Get Clear and Spotless Skin?

Many people, especially young women, are unhappy with their skin complexion. They feel that they are too dark and want to be lighter. This is a common problem in many parts of the world, where people with darker skin are considered to be less attractive than those with lighter skin. In this article, we will explore some ways in which dark people can get clear and spotless skin.

How dark people get clear spotless skin

Determine the Cause of Skin Darkness

Firstly, it is necessary to determine why your skin looks dark. Darker skin can be caused by increased melanin production in the body, which helps to protect you against ultraviolet light from the sun. However, if there are too many melanocytes or they are not distributed evenly across the body, then this can lead to patches of darker skin (known as hyperpigmentation). It might also be due to the entrapment of dirt and dust which is quite common in African American skin types. Well, to get rid of that, the use of the best body wash for African American skin can help. It will remove the grime, leaving your skin clean and clear.

The use of certain face creams can also help. These contain ingredients such as tretinoin and hydroquinone which work by removing old pigment cells and limiting their replacement with new ones. You should apply these creams on affected areas twice daily for several months before seeing any results.


Benefits of a Shampoo and Conditioner in Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Shampoos and conditioners offer a lot of benefits and there are reasons for their popularity and wide usage. These not only cleanse your hair but also make your hair nourished and rejuvenated.

Shampoo and Conditioner in Keeping Your Hair Healthy

In this article, we will discuss various factors that make a shampoo and conditioner the perfect candidates for improving the look of your hair and making your hair healthy. Let's have a look at some of these.

Why Use a Shampoo?

Let's first have a look at the reasons why you should use a shampoo and the advantages it offers.

Keeps the Hair Clean

Shampoos contain cleaning and foaming factors. The surfactants in shampoo take all the impurities with them while making a rich lather. This freshens up your hair and gives them a clean and crisp look.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Scalp tends to get excessively dry especially during the winter season, it tends to flake off. A shampoo can help remove the scales of dead skin cells from your scalp. This makes your hair lighter.

Protects Color-treated Hair

One important usage and benefit of shampoo is protection of color-treated hair. A shampoo not only keeps the color in place but also prevents formation of dandruff which can be an important factor contributing to the loss of color. Using a dandruff shampoo for color-treated hair can help in keeping your hair vibrant and attractive for longer. As it will prevent the formation of dandruff, no extra oils will be excreted. As a result, color will be locked in its place.


Types of Underwear That Can Be Paired with Tight Dresses

Have you ever felt embarrassed because of the visible panty lines in the tight jeans? There is no need to feel ashamed in accepting the truth because we have all been in a similar situation at some point in our life. We understand that a flawless look can be spoiled when you don’t choose the right underwear.

Underwear doesn’t have to be stylish, colorful, and beautiful. However, you must avoid wearing basic and cheap underwear that includes thick lines. Just because our underwear can’t make a good fashion statement doesn’t mean it can’t make a bad and embarrassing statement about our fashion sense and personality.

Underwear With Tight Dresses

Don’t you choose a bra based on the type of dress? You do because not every bra will look on the off-shoulder dress and sleeveless top. Similarly, most types of underwear will not look good on some tight pencil skirts, leggings, and jeans. Here are the popular types of underwear that can be paired with different dresses.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts were created by taking inspiration from men’s boxers. These shorts are extremely comfortable and functional. Girls wear boy shorts with flared dresses and skirts. You will feel relaxed after wearing these shorts.

Classic Briefs

Classic briefs are normal underwear that can be easily found in local shops. They usually come in packs of four or six. Classic briefs can be paired with almost any dress and outfit that is not tight and body-hugging. The main issue with this cheap underwear is that panty lines are visible in tight jeans and leggings.


Are you looking for wide coverage on the sides? Hipsters provide good coverage and have low-rise. This underwear can be paired with any dress or outfit. Hence, you must get hipsters in different colors and designs. After getting a hipster that has a good fitting, you won’t deal with any issues related to underwear.


Girls who want their underwear to look sexy and stylish should choose thongs. Moreover, they are perfect underwear paired with jeans that don’t look good with another type of underwear. Are you wondering what underwear to wear with leggings? Thongs are considered best because there isn’t even the smallest chance of underwear showing.


How to Remove Nail Polish Colors Without Damaging Your Nails?

Applying nail polish on your fingernails gives you extreme pleasure as it accentuates your beauty and makes you presentable. A well-done manicure can last comfortably for two to three weeks. In the meantime, your nails keep growing naturally beneath the OPI gel color layer. The growing nail gently pushes the polish layer outwards. So, in two weeks, you might require the removal of the nail polish layer, for which you need to visit a nail salon. However, you can learn how to remove nail polish at home. Besides saving time and costs, it can help you in an emergency.

OPI Gel Color

How to Remove Gel Polish at Home?

The primary ingredient you need for removing OPI gel nail polish colors at home is the nail polish remover. These solutions contain acetone because acetone is the most widely used nail polish remover globally. The organic compounds present in gel polish dissolve in acetone quickly. However, using acetone has its significant demerits.

Acetone has dehydrating properties because of which, prolonged exposure can drain out the moisture from your nails and the skin surrounding them. Unfortunately, there is no better solution to this problem. People have tried using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and many other compounds to remove nail polish, but nothing is as effective as acetone.

Let us, therefore, discuss how to remove nail polish using acetone.


Eight Simple Tips to Make Your Short Nails Appear Longer

Long nails have a distinct advantage in nail manicures. Besides being easy to apply, long nails look prominent and attract people quickly. Therefore, you always find stylish women sporting long nails. However, not everyone has long nails. Many women have nails that refuse to grow. Besides, you have people having the habit of chewing their nails. Short nails are, thus, a significant disadvantage on the attraction quotient. It would be fantastic to make your short nails look elongated. If you have short nails and wish to showcase them before the world, you have come to the right place. Here are some exciting ideas that can make short nails look incredibly appealing.

DND nail polish collection

Tips to Make Your Short Nails Appear Longer

Go for Skin-colored Nail Polish

An easy way to make your short nails appear long is to go for skin-colored nail polish. Thus, your nails look like an extension of your fingers, making them appear longer. DND nail polish collection offers an excellent range of skin-colored nail polish products. You can choose the ideal shade, depending on your skin tone.

Push Your Cuticles Deep

Another reason for having short nails is an overgrowth of cuticles around the nail base. You can push them back into their grooves gently and elongate your nail surface. It is advisable to use an orangewood cuticle pusher to do so. You could injure your nails if you push the cuticles too hard. Though it is not advisable to cut the cuticles, you can trim them carefully to expose more nail surfaces. Applying a cuticle remover is also a good idea. One should remember to wipe the nail surface clean after removing or pushing the cuticles to remove the debris. A warm washcloth should do the job for you.


The Best Skincare Routine to Bring You an Instant and Long Lasting Glow

Skin care routines are not easy to adapt to. These are lengthy procedures comprising a number of steps. After doing all the steps, you really want the glow to last longer. But mostly it happens that after a few hours, skin goes back to its original look. This can be very annoying at times. To get a long lasting glow, it is very important to keep a few things in mind. The following article will help you find out the best skincare tips and ideas to make your glow instant as well as long lasting.

the best skincare routine

Products That Are Reliable

There are a number of products available in the market that claim to be effective and beneficial. It becomes very difficult to choose the right products when there is this much variety available. Here are a few suggestions for you while choosing the right products for your skin.

Korean beauty and skin care products are very much effective for all skin types. For example, you can try out the K-beauty toner and see how effectively it cleanses out your skin. Compared to other toners, it is much more gentle on the skin and makes it soft and supple. It also reduces the appearance of pores.

You should go for products that are specified for the type of skin you have. In this way, you will get the desired results more quickly. A product that is compatible with the skin gives longer acting results as compared to one that is formulated for a totally different skin type.


How to Choose the Best Tattoo Color According to Your Skin

Suppose you want a tattoo and a fashion enthusiast who wants everything to be just perfect. Then this post is maybe for you. Tattoos are not only something to tell your personal story to the world; they can help you remember an incident for a lifetime. Sometimes a tattoo can also work as a medium to show your personality or style to the world.

tattoo color your skin

If you want your tattoo to look best on you, and searching for the right kind, then you have come to the right place.

Understanding Different Skin

If you are looking for the quickest answer, then red tattoo ink can be your answer, no matter what skin color you belong to, as the red color looks vibrant and beautiful on almost every skin color.

Now let's talk about various factors that make our skin so diverse to understand it from depth.

Skin Undertones

Do you know that there are three undertones, and once you figure that out, you will not choose the wrong color for you ever? Skin complexion can change because of various outside factors, but our skin undertones remain the same always, making it easier to understand the process.


Problems of Textured Skin and Makeup Ideas

Textured skin is a problem faced by everyone nowadays. It not only ruins the look of the skin by developing bumps and grooves on the face but also makes it extremely difficult to apply any product on it. To handle such skin type, first you should know why such conditions appear on the face and what are the basics of applying makeup on this type of skin.

makeup on textured skin

Why is it difficult to put makeup on textured skin?

It is very difficult to apply makeup on textured skin and camouflage the unattractive bulges. You have to find the best foundation for textured skin to let the bumpy surface of the face look even and smooth. Before getting to know why it is difficult to put makeup on textured skin, firstly you need to understand the basics of such skin type. Textured skin is a rough skin that feels bumpy and uneven upon touching. The outer layer is mostly dry and rough. There are many reasons for the appearance of such bumps on the face. One of the reasons is the extra layer of dead skin cells deposited on the upper epidermis of the skin. That is why the make up does not get settled in properly in the deeper layers. The other reason is dehydrated skin. Most of the make up products contain dry elements that need moisturizer to absorb properly under your skin. But a dry skin can lead to uneven make up layers on the face. Applying makeup on dry skin can even cause allergies and other skin problems. Last but not the least textured skin has less absorbing and penetrating ability. Due to this reason, it is sensitive to most of the makeup ingredients. That is why it is difficult to apply makeup on textured skin.


Step By Step Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

Gel polish exemplifies a woman’s beauty and takes it several notches higher. However, nails do tend to grow, thereby necessitating the removal of the polish after some time. Generally, gel polish lasts for three to four weeks comfortably. Subsequently, it is necessary to remove it and apply a fresh coat.

The ideal way to remove your gel polish is to visit a salon and let the experts do their job. However, in these times of the pandemic, it is natural for you to hesitate to visit the salon. Under such circumstances, you can learn the art of removing nail polish at home. This article details out the procedure for you and endeavors to make it simple.

DND Nail Polish

Before we go into the gel polish removal procedure, we would like to state that you should use the best nail polish products available in the market, like DND gel polish. You can order your nail supplies from us at any time. We guarantee prompt delivery at your doorstep.

The Gel Polish Removal Procedure

As the gel polish begins to fade away, you will feel tempted to pick or rip off the nail polish on your own. Though many people consider it as a satisfying urge, one should desist from doing so. As you peel off the polish, it could take some part of the nail bed with it, thereby weakening your nail altogether. It is better to learn the procedure of removing gel polish at home in a proper manner.


What Is The Best Method Of Tanning?

Tanning is a beauty procedure that makes dull pale skin look lively by putting in some color to it. Tanning is possible in three different ways

  • Sun tanning
  • Tanning beds
  • Self-tanning

self tanning lotion for legs

Sun Tanning

You find a beautiful place where your skin can be exposed to the sun for an extended period allowing it to tan naturally. Well, naturally may be a good thing most of the time but not here as the sun’s rays have harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. But many people prefer this method as it is the cheapest possible way to achieve a tan.

While tanning outdoors, you need to use an outdoor tanning lotion or tanning oil. Using the best outdoor tanning oil gives you faster results.

Tanning Beds

You visit a saloon by applying tanning lotion to help your body be exposed to a controlled environment. This process is a little shorter than sun tanning as the controlled environment has a complete focus on you, unlike sun exposure. You get exposed to specific, less harmful rays that change your color. This was the middle ground where people choose to be a little safe yet little expensive to look tanned.


Applying an exclusive tanning product, and without any application of heat, it turns your body dark due to a natural reaction. You can apply best tanning lotions for legs right at your home and wake up with tan without being in the sun. This tan lasts a little less time than the above methods but is the safest method as it happens only to the dead skin layer that eventually peels off. The DHA causes the browning of skin and does not involve complex processes or irreversible issues.


Gifts for Guys with Beards

Did you know that the fall and winter months are when guys are most likely to start growing a beard?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Movember, or Beard Day in September.

And everyone gets reminded of facial hair thanks to Santa Claus in December.

So let’s get on the ball with ideas about what to give guys with beards.

Then you’ll be prepared for the holidays, his birthday, or any other time you need a present.

gifts for guys with beards


For guys who just started growing a beard

We know the perfect gifts for first-timers who’ve never grown out their beard before in earnest.

You can browse through our suggestions for the best beard growth products.

They range from shampoos and conditioners to oils and balms, to supplements.


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