Types of Underwear That Can Be Paired with Tight Dresses

Have you ever felt embarrassed because of the visible panty lines in the tight jeans? There is no need to feel ashamed in accepting the truth because we have all been in a similar situation at some point in our life. We understand that a flawless look can be spoiled when you don’t choose the right underwear.

Underwear doesn’t have to be stylish, colorful, and beautiful. However, you must avoid wearing basic and cheap underwear that includes thick lines. Just because our underwear can’t make a good fashion statement doesn’t mean it can’t make a bad and embarrassing statement about our fashion sense and personality.

Don’t you choose a bra based on the type of dress? You do because not every bra will look on the off-shoulder dress and sleeveless top. Similarly, most types of underwear will not look good on some tight pencil skirts, leggings, and jeans. Here are the popular types of underwear that can be paired with different dresses.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts were created by taking inspiration from men’s boxers. These shorts are extremely comfortable and functional. Girls wear boy shorts with flared dresses and skirts. You will feel relaxed after wearing these shorts.

Classic Briefs

Classic briefs are normal underwear that can be easily found in local shops. They usually come in packs of four or six. Classic briefs can be paired with almost any dress and outfit that is not tight and body-hugging. The main issue with this cheap underwear is that panty lines are visible in tight jeans and leggings.


Are you looking for wide coverage on the sides? Hipsters provide good coverage and have low-rise. This underwear can be paired with any dress or outfit. Hence, you must get hipsters in different colors and designs. After getting a hipster that has a good fitting, you won’t deal with any issues related to underwear.


Girls who want their underwear to look sexy and stylish should choose thongs. Moreover, they are perfect underwear paired with jeans that don’t look good with another type of underwear. Are you wondering what underwear to wear with leggings? Thongs are considered best because there isn’t even the smallest chance of underwear showing.

French-cut Panties

Those who prefer 80s style panties should consider French-cut or high-cut panties. On the leg holes, you will find high cuts. This underwear is better for circulation compared to normal ones. If you were looking for underwear to be paired with high-waist jeans, then choosing French-cut panties will be an ideal option.

G String

The G-string is almost similar to thongs. However, you won’t get any coverage while wearing G-strings. Most women will feel uncomfortable while wearing this underwear. If you want to go commando while getting some sort of coverage, then include G-string in the wardrobe.

Control Briefs

Control briefs are extremely relaxing and functional. You will find control briefs with a tight elastic waistband. Compared to other kinds of panties, control briefs are not so popular among ladies.


Are you looking to buy underwear for pear-shaped women? Pear-shaped women should have more seamless panties in the closet. Seamless panties don’t include stitches like other types of underwear. Therefore, you can pair it with any outfit without facing any issues.

Brazilian Briefs

Brazilian briefs include the qualities of two different types of underwear – hipster and thong. Are you looking for underwear that will perfectly flaunt the legs while being around the beach? Then, you must add a Brazilian brief to the wardrobe.


We hope now you understand which type of underwear should be paired with tight jeans and leggings. You should include different kinds of panties in the closet for various outfits. While selecting underwear, you must ensure they are comfortable.