Eight Simple Tips to Make Your Short Nails Appear Longer

Long nails have a distinct advantage in nail manicures. Besides being easy to apply, long nails look prominent and attract people quickly. Therefore, you always find stylish women sporting long nails. However, not everyone has long nails. Many women have nails that refuse to grow. Besides, you have people having the habit of chewing their nails. Short nails are, thus, a significant disadvantage on the attraction quotient. It would be fantastic to make your short nails look elongated. If you have short nails and wish to showcase them before the world, you have come to the right place. Here are some exciting ideas that can make short nails look incredibly appealing.

Tips to Make Your Short Nails Appear Longer

Go for Skin-colored Nail Polish

An easy way to make your short nails appear long is to go for skin-colored nail polish. Thus, your nails look like an extension of your fingers, making them appear longer. DND nail polish collection offers an excellent range of skin-colored nail polish products. You can choose the ideal shade, depending on your skin tone.

Push Your Cuticles Deep

Another reason for having short nails is an overgrowth of cuticles around the nail base. You can push them back into their grooves gently and elongate your nail surface. It is advisable to use an orangewood cuticle pusher to do so. You could injure your nails if you push the cuticles too hard. Though it is not advisable to cut the cuticles, you can trim them carefully to expose more nail surfaces. Applying a cuticle remover is also a good idea. One should remember to wipe the nail surface clean after removing or pushing the cuticles to remove the debris. A warm washcloth should do the job for you.

Vary Your Nail Shapes Accordingly

If you have short nails, you should never opt for square-shaped manicures. They make your nails appear shorter than they are. Instead, an oval shape or an almond shape can make your nails look longer. When doing so, a pointed tip increases the optical illusion and makes your nail look much longer.

A Nude Polish Can Do Wonders

Darker shades can look prominent on the nails as they highlight their actual length. Going for lighter hues can help you overcome this handicap and make your nails appear longer. The nude DND nail polish gel colors are the best you can go for. While it is always better to go for colors as close to your skin color as possible, you can try out some contrasts, like choosing a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone. Besides catching the eye of admirers, it helps to distinguish between your nails and your skin.

The Dark-light Combinations Can Also Look Great

When choosing a color combo, you can go for the lighter shades at the edges and darker hues in the center. It helps to make your nails seem elongated by creating an optical illusion. You should go for this option if you prefer to have a dark manicure. Alternately, you can leave out some space at the sides and do not have any color at all. It can also create the expression of thinner and elongated nails.

A French Manicure Should Do the Trick

French manicures are popular because of their unique color combos. This manicure enhances the free edges with white or light-colored tips to make your nails look longer than they are. When you have short nails, the best option is to have a French manicure with pure white tips. Any other color can have the opposite effect. The nail base can do with a contrasting color. An exciting range of French manicure color combinations is available with the DND nail polish collection. You can choose your favorites from our website and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Try out Nail Art as a Last Resort

Having simple nail art designs on your nails can make them look instantly longer. However, you should try out these designs only if you are comfortable with them. The best design is to have a thin vertical line in the middle starting from the base and extending to the tip. In addition, you can try out an embellishment design at the tip to make the nail look elongated. DND daisy nail polish offers you the flexibility of trying out various designs to suit your preferences.

If Everything Fails, Nail Extensions Should Be the Perfect Solution

As far as possible, one should avoid nail extensions. However, if all your attempts at making your short nails look elongated fail, the only option left before you is to go for a nail extension. It is better to visit a nail salon and seek professional assistance in this matter.

Final Words

Having long nails is a distinct advantage when going for nail manicures. However, people with short nails can also try out the techniques discussed above and camouflage their weaknesses to make their nails appear elongated.