Problems of Textured Skin and Makeup Ideas

Textured skin is a problem faced by everyone nowadays. It not only ruins the look of the skin by developing bumps and grooves on the face but also makes it extremely difficult to apply any product on it. To handle such skin type, first you should know why such conditions appear on the face and what are the basics of applying makeup on this type of skin.

Why is it difficult to put makeup on textured skin?

It is very difficult to apply makeup on textured skin and camouflage the unattractive bulges. You have to find the best foundation for textured skin to let the bumpy surface of the face look even and smooth. Before getting to know why it is difficult to put makeup on textured skin, firstly you need to understand the basics of such skin type. Textured skin is a rough skin that feels bumpy and uneven upon touching. The outer layer is mostly dry and rough. There are many reasons for the appearance of such bumps on the face. One of the reasons is the extra layer of dead skin cells deposited on the upper epidermis of the skin. That is why the make up does not get settled in properly in the deeper layers. The other reason is dehydrated skin. Most of the make up products contain dry elements that need moisturizer to absorb properly under your skin. But a dry skin can lead to uneven make up layers on the face. Applying makeup on dry skin can even cause allergies and other skin problems. Last but not the least textured skin has less absorbing and penetrating ability. Due to this reason, it is sensitive to most of the makeup ingredients. That is why it is difficult to apply makeup on textured skin.

Tips to get a glamorous look if you have textured skin

There are many products available with the specifications of textured skin. If you are not up to buying the entire range of products, you can just look for the best primer for textured skin and it will do the job for you. Using a good primer will fill up all the grooves and even out your skin, making it ready for the makeup to be applied. After using a generous amount of primer and letting it absorb evenly into your skin, you can apply foundation and rest of your makeup. This will let everything settle perfectly on your face without being deposited in the pores. Just following these few steps will be enough to make your makeup look perfect.

Things to avoid

The first thing you need to avoid strictly is direct sunlight. Sunlight contains harmful rays that penetrate deep into the cells and cause mutations by its deadly Ultraviolet radiations. This in return forms a cluster of dead skin cells accumulated on the skin and forming tiny lumps. Other things that need to be avoided are the harmful chemical cosmetics that contain mercury and other dangerous molecules in them. Avoid using excessive makeup products and apply them only when needed. The makeup products steal away the moisture in the skin and dehydrates the skin that causes textured skin. If at all you need to use some products, go for the one that is specified for textured skin. Most of the products also contain hydroquinone that appears to be a good product but in fact it has a narrow effective profile and wide range of adverse effects. Avoid using it as it is harmful for textured skin. Use of home remedies can help greatly in losing the abnormal texture and bringing your skin back to its initial health. Keeping all the above mentioned basic steps in your mind, it would be extremely easier for you to get the look of your desire. All your problems of applying makeup on the bumpy skin would be solved and you will get the perfect glam look.