Gifts for Guys with Beards

Did you know that the fall and winter months are when guys are most likely to start growing a beard?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Movember, or Beard Day in September.

And everyone gets reminded of facial hair thanks to Santa Claus in December.

So let’s get on the ball with ideas about what to give guys with beards.

Then you’ll be prepared for the holidays, his birthday, or any other time you need a present.

For guys who just started growing a beard

We know the perfect gifts for first-timers who’ve never grown out their beard before in earnest.

You can browse through our suggestions for the best beard growth products.

They range from shampoos and conditioners to oils and balms, to supplements.

Each one is designed to stimulate follicles for fast and healthy hair production.

They can help fill in patchy spots and prevent itchiness.

That last part is essential as many men get frustrated and shave off their stubble before it has a chance to flourish.

This is the time you can do your part to support him in his goals.

Encourage him to start using beard wash and oil now to soothe the itch. They also reduce acne and prevent ingrown hairs.

Then, once he’s made it past the first couple of months, jump down to the next category.

Maintain a healthy beard

Just as it’s smart to wash your hair with shampoo, not soap, it’s crucial to wash and condition a beard properly.

Give a man beard wash and conditioner as it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Not only will he feel more comfortable with his facial hair, so will those he’s close to.

Beard grooming products prevent beard dandruff and itchy skin , plus they eliminate odors. They make facial hair feel less scratchy.

Plus, the beard or mustache is probably the first thing people notice. Glossy hair makes a great first impression.

If you can’t decide which brand to go with, sign them up for a subscription service that sends samples each month.

Masculine styling products


 It only takes a couple of minutes to apply one of the best beard balms. But the results are astonishing.

Beard balm will tame coarse hairs and allow a man to shape his mustache and beard to his liking.

If he wants his facial hair to look longer, he can straighten it as well.

Beard straighteners are similar to heated hair straighteners with small barrels. They get better results than blow-drying as they are less drying to the hair.

Surprisingly, masculine styling products like these are used by guys whether they cut lumber for a living or sit in a boardroom.

For do-it-yourselfers

Men who like to take care of things themselves will love grooming kits.

Get them barber scissors, a boar bristle brush, and a wooden comb.

Some of these kits include oil and/or balm.

Pre-shave oil and a premium razor will help them keep the neckline perfect.

Perhaps they prefer an electric razor or trimmer instead.

Include beard guides with ruler markings for even trims. These beard shaping templates simplify the job.

There are also books and videos that teach beard trimming techniques.

Send them to the professionals

You could also give them a gift card to a high-end barber. Then they can try out a new style at the hands of a professional.

This may, in turn, inspire them to try novel things at home. Then, you’ll have new ideas for gifts in the future.

Put a smile on their face

If they already have all the beard care products they can fit in the medicine cabinet, it’s time to think outside the box.

Get them a funny T-shirt that acknowledges their facial hair.

Or buy them a coffee mug with a straw that keeps the froth out of their ‘stache.

There are coffee table books that celebrate beard styles and the history of facial hair, too.

Even though you may not see their smile underneath all that facial hair, you can trust that it’s there.