Step By Step Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

Gel polish exemplifies a woman’s beauty and takes it several notches higher. However, nails do tend to grow, thereby necessitating the removal of the polish after some time. Generally, gel polish lasts for three to four weeks comfortably. Subsequently, it is necessary to remove it and apply a fresh coat.

The ideal way to remove your gel polish is to visit a salon and let the experts do their job. However, in these times of the pandemic, it is natural for you to hesitate to visit the salon. Under such circumstances, you can learn the art of removing nail polish at home. This article details out the procedure for you and endeavors to make it simple.

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The Gel Polish Removal Procedure

As the gel polish begins to fade away, you will feel tempted to pick or rip off the nail polish on your own. Though many people consider it as a satisfying urge, one should desist from doing so. As you peel off the polish, it could take some part of the nail bed with it, thereby weakening your nail altogether. It is better to learn the procedure of removing gel polish at home in a proper manner.

Before you commence the removal process, it is better to keep the following items handy.

  • A good-quality sterilized nail file
  • Nail and Cuticle conditioner
  • Sterilized cotton balls
  • Nail Polish and Lacquer remover
  • Acetone solution

Find a well-ventilated area

Gel polish removal takes a lot of time. Hence, it would help if you had enough time at your disposal to prevent rushing through the procedure. Secondly, you should sit in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling the acetone fumes. 

Use the nail file carefully

Use the nail file gently to scrape the top layer of gel polish from your nails. You should note not to rub the file hard as you could end up damaging the nails. The aim is to rough up the topcoat and remove the shine.

Protect your skin

Removing gel polish from the nails involves the use of acetone. This chemical can harm your skin. Therefore, it is imperative to protect your cuticles and the fingertips from dehydrating. Apply the nail and cuticle conditioner on your cuticles and fingertips to prevent exposure to acetone.

Cotton balls can do the job for you

The secret to removing DND nail polish from your nails is to soak the nails in acetone. You can take acetone along with a couple of drops of cuticle oil in a small container and dip your nails in it. Alternatively, it is better to use a cotton ball soaked in acetone and place it over your nails. It ensures that the nail polish is in close contact with acetone.

You can tie an aluminum wrap over the cotton balls to hold them in place. Some people suggest the use of moisturizers. However, it would be excellent if you avoided them because they slow down the process, thereby leaving your fingers soaked for extended periods.

About 20 minutes should be enough for the polish to dissolve in acetone. On removing the cotton balls, the polish should fall off on its own. It would greatly help if you remembered not to exert any pressure while removing the polish. If it does not come off, you should repeat the procedure.

Gently, remove the polish

Once the gel polish has loosened off, you can remove it using a nail stick. It would be best if you gently used the nail stick under the gel layer to remove it from the nail plate. However, you should note that wooden tools can encourage bacterial growth. Therefore, one should dispose of these nail sticks after every use.

Many people suggest using dental floss to remove the gel polish. You should ensure that the edges are lifted off from the nail bed. It takes tremendous skill to use dental floss. Therefore, one should not try this procedure unless they have the requisite experience.

Hydrate the nails

Using acetone entails the nails to become dehydrated. Therefore, it becomes imperative to soak your nails in coconut oil for some time before applying cuticle oil. It helps to hydrate the nails and bring back the natural luster.


The tips discussed above should help you master the skill of removing gel polish at home. You can see that the procedure does require some practice. It is a fantastic idea to use these tricks and avoid going to the salon for removing gel polish. Finally, we state that you should use quality products like professional nail supplies instead of the inexpensive products available on the market.